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Hot stuff, comin through!! Behold the bewitching beauty of the Puffco Plus Vision Iridescent Dab Pen.

This flashy vape pen loves to party. It practically comes with its own light show! Now if you think this portable dab pen looks familiar, you might recognize it’s slightly less flashy but just as awesome predecessor, the Puffco Plus as featured here on Weedgadgets. The Puffco Plus Vision has got the same incredible tech under the hood, but all wrapped up in a mesmerizing multicolored shaft

Dichro-like multicolored effects make this vape pen a real sexy show stopper.Cozy up to a sesh with the Puffco Plus Vision  (or the original Puffco Plus) and you’ll be treated to features like a huge ceramic bowl, a clever mouthpiece with extendable dart for easy use, incredible airflow, and long lasting battery. Not to mention all the big puffy clouds it’ll crank out.

This trippy pen makes vaping concentrates a rainbow of puffy fun.

The trippy Puffco Plus Vision makes vaping concentrates a rainbow of puffy fun. If you’re looking for some unique new vaporware, take this vibrant vape for a spin. 

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