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Orange and green Jack-O-Lantern shaped water pipe glass pumpkin bong for Halloween smoking fun.

This year, let’s celebrate Halloween the way our ancestors intended. With a sacrifice to our Celtic pagan diety lord. Just gather ye crops, pack them into a bowl-shaped alter, and set them ablaze. And while we’re burning crops, might as well smoke them amiright?

Well when it comes to burning, smoking and appeasing unholy lords of darkness, few handy dandy devices fit the bill better than this awesome Jack-O-Lantern shaped Pumpkin Bong. Both spooky and adorable, this plump fellow comes dressed to impress, in orange and green borosilicate glass, with smooth contours and a stem shaped mouthpiece. He even has a glow-in-the-dark face!

Hell, I frikin’ love this thing!


That’s right, even the fussiest of otherworldly beings will be thrilled to refrain from visiting their demonic terror upon you in exchange for herbs smoked out of this awesome water-filtered pipe.

It’s also super fun. An incredible centerpiece to any Halloween party. But brace yourself, cause this pumpkin-faced fool turns the party out.

This pumpkin shaped jack-o-lantern water pipe is packed with Halloween smoking fun, featuring an orange glass body and green stem.

Standing 9 inches tall and sporting a sporting a showerhead-style percolator, this pumpkin-shaped water pipe produces big puffy clouds for All Hallows Eve, and all Autumn long. Once Halloween has passed, this gorgeous gourd will definitely make your Horn Of Plenty one to be very thankful for.

If your Halloween smoking needs are slightly more modest, there’s also the slightly smaller 7-inch tall Jack-O-Lantern Bong that you might want to check out.

AND we hooked up a coupon code that’s good 20% OFF both the small version and large versions of the Jack-The-Ripper Pumpkin Pipe. Just enter code SPOOKYTOKES at checkout.

So worry not, dear Weedgadgeteer. For while the season of spooks and specters is neigh, the only thing to be scared of is NOT getting one of these spooky-fun glass Pumpkin Bongs.


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