Light-up LED glass pipe from GRAV Labs.

You know how they say technology doubles every seven years and will eventually get so advanced that robots and computers will become sentient and angry and chop us up with lasers? Well I don’t mean to terrify you, but I’ve just discovered a cutting-edge device that seems to indicate we are but weeks,
Light-up LED sandblasted glass spoon pipe from GRAV Labs is very cool and also awesome.perhaps mere days away from that moment. That device is a glass pipe THAT LIGHTS UP!!!!!  I know this must be an emotional moment for you, being how super stoked you are to find out that there’s a glass pipe with LED lights built into it, while at the same time being sad that we’re all about to get laser-chopped. So here’s what I want you to do. Pick yourself up one of these dope-ass Sandblasted Spoon Pipes with LED Lights by Grav Labs, pack it up, turn out the lights, turn on the pipe, blaze blaze blaze, and then I honestly can’t remember what we were just talking about. Now get out there and light up your life!


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