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This light up tray is such a cool addition to any joint roller's stash.

What makes this rolling tray so lit? The fact that it’s lit!!

Oh yeah, this is indeed a light-up rolling tray. It’s the VIBES x Glow Tray Light-Up Rolling Tray, and it’s about to light up your life.

This beautiful glossy tray comes in several cool colors and sports an array of LEDs with 6 different color options, including a Party Mode, to light up the night and keep the good times rolling.

A rolling tray with a built in light is a super fun way to roll joints at parties or anywhere at all!This battery-powered rolling tray charges up with a simple USB-C port and lasts for 6 hours on a single charge.

The VIBES Glow Tray even comes in a super swanky micro-suede sack so you can take the party with you. And as you know, anything transported in a swanky sack is gonna be good.


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