lighter sleeve multitool turns Bic lighter into poker, scissors and more

Lighter Bro turns your lighter into an awesome multi-tool!


What would you say if I told you your regular old lighter could be transformed into a super-charged, power-packed, turbo-boosted, adjective-infused multi-tool?! I think we both know what you’d say: do I know you?? Then I’d politely introduce myself, apologize for interrupting your important business lunch and/or quinceañera, then go on to woo you with a list of Lighter Bro‘s amazing onboard tools!

It features a super sharp knife for cutting whatever you like, a teeny tiny screwdriver that’s absolutely perfect for itty bitty screws, a bottle opener, a key ring attachment, spring action scissors…and all this tucked away in a low profile sleeve made of titanium coated stainless steel. I don’t know if you know your metals, but that’s some good shit.

But wait, there’s more!! It’s pretty cheap. Only about 13 bucks on Amazon. If you roll joints, pack bowls, screw stuff, drink, have keys, luv titanium, smoke spliffs, or like cutting, the Lighter Bro is for YOU bro! It slips right on to your existing lighter, is super handy, and makes a great gift for your loved ones (and that includes you <3). Now go get a Lighter Bro!

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