High end wood dugout smoking box crafted in walnut and brass

Ahh, the beloved dugout. It’s a classic smoking accessory. That classic just got a makeover courtesy of the folks at Anomaly (formerly Elevate Accessories). Behold the classiness of the Colfax handmade luxury wood dugout kit. Are you beholding it? Good. Now smoke it. Oh, you don’t have one yet?? Well you’re gonna need one, cuz, cause look at this thing!

The Colfax Dugout comes with a glass one-hitter pipe in various colors to match dark walnut or light-colored hard maple wood case.

This beautiful beauty of a dugout is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado in a variety of schmancy woods (including Maple, Walnut, and more).

The matching glass one-hitter also comes in a various colors, like black, white and clear. And you can even choose which metal you want for the accents, like brass, bronze and silver.

It’s kinda like Build-A-Bear, but for dugouts. Mix and match between woods, metals and glass for the perfect dugout combo!

The Colfax Premium Dugout from Anomaly comes in Maple and Walnut Hardwood with black, bronze or silver accents.

The top snaps shut and stays shut thanks to embedded magnets. And the generous storage chamber holds 2 grams of material, providing rations for even the weediest of adventures.

This premium dugout is such a nice piece to have in your collection. It looks so nice, and feels nice, too! The smooth wood finish and solid construction give it a great presence.

Premium hardwood and brass make this premium dugout from a great luxury smoking gift.

Discreet, classy, impressive. These words not only describe this dugout, they also describe the future-you after you get one.

The Colfax Dugout Kit from Anomaly also makes a great gift for tokers, smokers, dads, grads, pals, gals, bros, schmos, and so, so many other clever couplets! Pick one up for yourself, or stock the heck out of someone’s stocking for a very happy holiday indeed.

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  1. Hi I’m looking for a fan can it looks like q pop can with a bowl on the top a fan in the middle

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