The beautiful handmade luxury wood dugout with glass one hitter pipe by Elevate is an incredible smoking accessory and makes a great gift for tokens, smokers, dads AND grads!

Ahh, the beloved dugout. It’s a classic smoking accessory. That classic just got a makeover courtesy of the folks at Elevate Accessories. Behold the classiness of this handmade luxury wood dugout kit. Are you beholding it? Good. Now smoke it. Oh, you don’t have one yet?? Well you’re gonna need one, cuz, cause look at this thing!

This beautiful-ass dugout is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado in a variety of schmancy woods and comes complete with a glass one-hitter. Stealthy, classy, impressive. These words not only describe this dugout, they also describe the future-you after you get one. It also makes a great gift for tokers, smokers, dads, grads, pals, gals, bros, schmos, and so, so many other clever couplets!

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