If wizards got high, the Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Portable Vaporizer Box  is definitely the concentrate vaporizer they would choose. And let’s be honest, wizards definitely get high. And, if you’re a wizard, you can just use magic to get any vape you want with a wave of a wand. So the fact that they choose the Maud-Dib is actually a really good endorsement.

The Muad-Dib comes from Magic-Flight, along with a loyal following of enthusiasts (in addition to all the aforementioned wizards). And for good reason, look at this thing! Incredibly crafted out of wood and brass with an old-world, almost steampunky feel, this concentrate box is a show piece, no doubt.

Not only does the Muad-Dib stand out from the crowd of gadgety vaporizers, it works incredibly well. This rechargeable wood vape box heats up to 900° F in just 3 seconds! All that power under the hood and it still lasts for 50+ uses on a single charge.

The unique design features a brushed brass face with an optical grade glass lens that’s swivels open and locks in place.  

How do you use the Maud-Dib? Simply slide back the lens, place a bit of solid concentrate onto the trench, close the lid and press the battery into the box. After the orange light turns on, it’ll be ready to use in about 3 seconds. Draw slowly, then sail away on a Magic-Flight!


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