This clever smoking device is a magnetic bowl that separates for easy cleaning, how cool!

Well would ya check out this clever little weed gadget. It’s not a bowl, it’s Bowlz, a magnetic bowl that splits in half for easy cleaning!

The Bowlz snaps together through the magic of magnets, and comes right apart again, giving you easy access to clean it right up. No more nasty unfolded paperclips, gunk-haters, rejoice!

And if you’ve ever broken your favorite glass piece during cleaning, you’re really gonna appreciate the rock-solid construction of this glass bowl alternative.

This handy gadget is a replacement bowl for bongs that separates for easy cleaning and makes a great, shatterproof alternative to glass.The Bowlz magnetic bong bowl is made of the same type of anodized, non-toxic aluminum that’s used in pots in pans. This makes it food-safe, super durable, and totally shatterproof. Unlike Taylor Swift’s heart ? luv u girl.

Another cool thing about the construction of this awesome accessory is that it dissipates heat very quickly, so even after you light er up, you can feel free to touch all you like. Check it out!


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