This ain’t your bubbe’s menorah. Hanukkah officially becomes a high holiday when you take a toke off this amazing menorah bong from GRAV. 

The GRAV Menorah has eight crazy bowls!A glass masterpiece (glassterpiece?), the GRAV Menorah bong features 8 bowls and is sure to make your Hanukkah celebration one you won’t soon forget. Actually you probably won’t remember anything cuz you’ll be blazed.

Here’s a crazy story, tho. I got super sad when I realized I only had enough reefer for one bowl of the menorah bong …but miraculously it lasted for EIGHT bowls worth!! So thanks to the miracle of Hanukkah, it practically pays for itself.

Chances are you won’t find this beauty in your shul’s judaica shop, but luckily our friends at 420 Science can hook you up! Just click below to check it out…


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