GRAV Milk Carton bubbler is a fun water pipe shaped like a paper milk container.

Breakfast is about to get a lot more fun with this bubbler shaped just like a milk carton!

This awesome little water pipe is so fun. It looks just like a small paper milk carton! Yet it’s compact shape and solid construction make this bubbler feel very sturdy.

GRAV Milk Carton glass bubbler is a cool smoking device for the discerning stoner.

Cute and functional, theMilk Carton Pipe hits super smooth. It’s such an awesome smoking device to have around the house. Almost like a little piece of art that you just happen to smoke out of.

TheMilk Carton Pipe is part of GRAV’s Sip Series that includes a bunch of cool bubbler designs, like the Slush Cup (featured previously on Weedgadgets), the Martini Glass, the Martini Shaker, and the Coffee Mug.

This cool bubbler from GRAV is such a unique water pipe for any smoker

So swap out your skim for some sticky icky with this awesome bubbler. If you’re looking for a really cool, unique and fun addition to your smoking stash, you gotta check out the Milk Carton.


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