Check out this dope little travel pipe! It’s the Nomad, a unique and gorgeous portable pipe from Tetra. We love cool dugouts and one-hitters, and this thing definitely has all the convenience and functionality of a dugout – small, portable, built-in stash for herb, pipe storage and included one-hitter, and even a magnetic lid to keep it shut securely  – but the design is so unique, it’s almost a stretch to call it a dugout.  But it’s not a stretch to call it very very awesome.

One of the coolest features of this compact pipe has got to be the way it opens. Simply swing the top open with the push of a finger, and the pipe magically pops out! Full disclosure, due to certain FDA restrictions, it’s not actually magic. But it IS a cleverly constructed spring-loaded assembly. And it’s really fun – and strangely erotic – to watch the one-hitter pop out.

And when you do swing it open, the cover reveals a trough-shaped storage area for stashing your smoking material. Take the pipe and twist it into the trough to load er up and you’re all set. And a concealed magnet keeps the lid closed when it’s not in use.

The Nomad is made of solid brass and aluminum and has just enough weight to feel great in your hand without being too heavy for smoking on-the-go. It comes in a couple different colors and is built to last forever. If you’re looking for an incredibly designed portable smoking device, check out the Nomad!


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