Secret Pen Pipe for stealthy smoking
Pens. They’re a dime a dozen. Actually if you can get them for that price it’s honestly an excellent deal and you should probably pick some up. But anyway, you get my drift: no one gives a fuck about pens. Which is exactly what makes this stealthy pipe so amazing. It’s disguised AS A PEN! No way, really?!? Yes, I’m so serious!

This stealthy ballpoint pen pipe is just the thing you need for sneaky smoking on the sly. Mix it in with your other pens and pencils, throw a couple of erasers in there to make it seem legit, maybe some other random stuff, a paperclip, a button, old watch batteries, a pube, etc.

And maybe you’re not even trying to be sneaky, you just like to write and smoke at the same time and you’re looking for clever ways to streamline your workflow. If you could only find a pen that’s also a pipe. Boom, here it is. Pen Pipe.

Think of all the time you’ll save by having these two devices in one. Even if it’s just a few seconds a day, over the long term that’s like, twenty years of your life that you’ll get back! Imagine all the cherished memories you’ll make with your loved ones with that extra time. All thanks to this sneaky lil pipe that looks like a pen. It will change your life!

And hey, if you end up picking one of these up, use it to write a comment below and let us know how it’s going.


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