The PenSimple motorized grinder looks like a pen!
Is it a pen? Is it a grinder?? Is it both???? No, actually, it’s just a grinder. But it’s a grinder that looks like a pen, works like a charm, and is totally dope. Check out this little guy, a pen-shaped grinder and motorized dispenser from PenSimple.

Just pack your herbs in the top of the PenSimple grinder, grind er up, then whenever you’re ready, simply use the motorized dispenser to shoot that ground green goodness exactly where you want it at the touch of a button!!

The PenSimple Grinder and Dispenser is a motorized weed grinder that looks like a pen!

The PenSimple Grinder and Dispenser holds up to 3 grams of ground up herb, so you can take it out on the town and have it locked, loaded and ready to dispense whenever you like. It makes filling joints and bowls a breeze, minimizes spillage and shoots out ground ganja like a boss.

Lightweight but extremely sturdy, the PenSimple Grinder and Dispenser is built with aircraft-grade aluminum and rubber O-rings to securely hold each piece together, making PenSimple smell proof and spill proof.

This awesome weed gadget makes a great gift, but you’ll probably just want to keep it for yourself. Check out the PenSimple Grinder and Dispenser on Amazon!


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