The High Knife is the perfect stoner gadget with 12 onboard tools including a built-in pipe.

You’re lost in the forest and you can only pick 12 things to bring with you. One of them is definitely a pipe amiright. Well you’re in luck! Cause this pocket knife is an all-in-one multitool with a built-in pipe!

The High Knife is a pocket knife with a built-in pipe, a versatile stoner gadget with many features

It’s The High Knife, a stoner survivalist’s dream come true.

This incredible tool fits in your pocket, and sports 12 onboard devices. In addition to the pipe, The High Knife also has two knife blades, a bottle opener, corkscrew…even a roach clip! Which is obviously also critical in any dire situation.

And it has a built-in pipe!! Holy crap talk about a clutch little feature.

An ounce of preparation is worth an ounce of weed. Is that a saying? Well it should be. Cause this is one weed gadget that will definitely put you in the prepper mindset.

This handy stoner tool is The High Knife pocket tool with built-in smoking accessories.

This little tool is super handy. Great to keep in the ol weed box, and it makes a bad ass stocking stuffer!


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