Power bank battery backup with secret travel stash hidden inside for discrete storage of pipes, smokables and accessories.

Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of power? Well now you can, with this stealthy battery pack. It’s a power bank with a secret…

…compartment hidden inside! Check out the BattPak, a Backup Battery Charger with a Secret Stash Compartment.

Black power bank has High definition laser etched pattern and USB ports to provide power to phones and devices, hinged door conceals hidden compartment for valuables.

That’s right, this backup battery has something to hide. And that something is anything you want to hide inside of it. Just press the “adult proof” button to pop open the top, revealing a secret stash box that’s loaded with features.

The top is lined with fabric and equipped with wallet-like pockets for holding credit cards, cash, loose papers, etc. There’s also a strap that perfectly secures pre-rolls and small accessories.

A secret stash compartment is hidden inside this USB and USB type-C powered backup battery

And there’s plenty of room in the main compartment for other items, devices and supplies. It even comes with a super sleek aluminum tray that fits right into the bottom, and has a magnetic surface for keeping loose metallic items secure. Magnets!!

All this secret stash talk, let’s not forget, the BattPak is still a battery. And a darn good one. It can crank out 10,000 mAh, which is enough juice to charge a phone 2-3 times. It’s got USB and USB-C connections and fire-retardant polycarbonate housing.

This powerbank hides a secret compartment as well as providing 10,000 mAh of backup power through USB-C connections.

And what a perfect travel buddy. Just charge er up, fill the hidden compartment with goodies and throw it in a bag or backpack. Take it to the park, a festival, the beach, allll the coolest places, you know how you do.

Travel stash hidden inside a powerbank provides backup battery power as well as a secret hiding place for accessories and valuables.

Or just toss it in a junk drawer all incognito-like. Let it blend in with those cables and adapters you’ll never use. it’s just a regular old power bank folks, nothing to see here. But all the while, you’ll know it’s got your secrets hidden inside, oh you sneaky thing you.

Backup battery powerbank features a hidden compartment for use as a travel safe or secret stash.

So it’s convenient, but also so super stealthy. It keeps your stuff safe and organized inside, while keeping prying eyes out. It doesn’t raise suspicion, so eyes would never even think to pry. And even if they did, they’d have to find the secret button, and everyone knows eyes can’t press buttons. At least not without a lot of discomfort. But that’s what you get when you pry, bitch!!


However you decide to use it, there’s no doubt that this Powerbank with a Hidden Stash Compartment has a ton of utility. And it looks pretty cool, too.

With enough juice to keep your phones and devices happily charged, plus a discrete hidden compartment for all the fun stuff, the BattPak makes one powerfully handy secret stash.


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