Perfect pre-rolled cones made of RAW's natural hemp rolling papers, and what a great deal, too! Wow!

Ahhh, the perfect cone. It can be so elusive. At least it used to be! Your life just got upgraded, friend. Now you can “roll” your own in no time at all (and with no actual rolling at all) with these king sized pre-rolled cones from RAW, made with unbleached, natural hemp. They even have a built in tip. And who doesn’t love tips??

Just imagine all the ooohs and aaah’s you’ll get when you whip out a big ol cone filled with your favorite sticky icky. Nom nom nom. And if you’re really feeling fancy, you can even get the Cone Filler from RAW to make cone-stuffing a snap (and at 10 bucks, why wouldn’t you!?).

These pre-rolled papers are fast, easy, and smoke like a dream. Now go get some cones, homes!


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