Beautiful premium glass tips for joints are so classy.

How fancy is your tip? Not so fancy? Take your tip from limp to pimp with these Premium Glass Filter Tips from Higher Standards.

TPremium glass tips in an array of colors, presented in a beautiful triangular gift box.he Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips are made from medical-grade borosilicate glass and come in an awesome, triangular six-pack of cool colors.

Rolling up a joint with one of these babies gives you a great little handle, while creating a barrier between you and the heat source. And the internal “pinch” design directs smoke in a zig-zag pattern, helping to block particles while delivering smooth, filtered hits.

Spruce up your next joint with some primo glass. And heck at less than 20 bucks, these babies make great stoner stocking stuffers so pick some up for me, too.


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