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Oooooh la la and a wow take a look at this masterpiece of a weed gadget. The Peak from Puffco is straight. up. luxury dog.

The Puffco Peak is smart, sexy and super luxe. It’s a beautifully-designed water-filtered vape that works with concentrates like wax, oil, or shatter. Kinda like a super-smart, fancy-ass dab rig. One whose mission is to get you rip roaringly blazed at any cost.

The Puffco Peak is a smart bong for concentrates that's top-of-the-line.The Peak has 4 unique heat settings – which means that beginners are welcome, but pros can dial ‘er up for some awesomely big and billowy clouds. It also features a “sesh-mode” that really gets the party started – it extends your session to create a more social experience and get you dabbing on the puff-puff-give tip.

The ceramic bowl intelligently calibrates the temperature for a more consistent smoke. And unlike other dab rigs which can take minutes to heat up, The Peak heats up and is ready to rock in just 20 seconds. So just put some concentrate in, beep-bop-boop, and you’re high!

Puffco Peak smart e-rig for intelligent dabbing

The beautifully engineered Puffco Peak is also portable, micro-USB rechargeable, drop-dead gorgeous and totally pimp.

Get in to some luxury and pick up a Peak for yourself or a (very) loved one – snag one today!

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