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Dab, dab, dab your way on over here and check out this amazing vape pen. It’s the Puffco Plus, a portable concentrate vaporizer that will blow your socks off.  So just to be safe, please put on two pairs of socks before checking it out.

This portable pocket nail is the Puffco Plus Dab Pen, a portable concentrate vaporizer with advanced features

The Puffco Plus Dab Pen is jam-packed with oodles of innovative and thoughtful features.

Remove the mouthpiece and press down on the silicone top to deploy a super cool dab-tool “dart”. Once extended, you can use the dart to scoop up concentrate and perfectly load it up, mess-free, no muss no fuss badda bing badda boom.

The bowl of the Puffco Plus is a pressure-sealed, coil-less, ceramic chamber, specially designed to evenly heat concentrates (rather than scorching them, which can happen with coiled systems).  It’s this heating system that makes the Puffco Plus so well known for producing delightfully pure flavors.

This award winning concentrate vaporizer is one of the best rated dab pens available, and it looks dope!

Combine all this with three heat settings, sesh-mode functionality, and a sleek and stealthy design, it’s no wonder that this portable pocket powerhouse is the most award-winning concentrate vape pen ever. 

So yeah yeah yeah, all that, and also, it cranks out colossal clouds, dog!

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