RezBlock prevents bong resin from sticking to glass!Got too much gunk in your trunk? Did your sticky get a little too icky? Check out this amazing potion! It’s called RezBlock, and technically speaking it doesn’t actually clean your bong – it keeps you from having to clean it.

That’s right, just a mere few drops of RezBlock added to the water of your pipe or bong will prevent resin from building up on the glass. Black magic, you say? We didn’t see anything on the label about that, but can not rule it out.

Keep your bong water clean with a few drops of all natural RezBlock, it keeps resin from sticking to glass!When you add RezBlock to water, it prevents resins from sticking to the glass – instead, they float in the water. So when you change the water, you can just dump out all that yeuchy resin along with any ash, particulates, and whatever else may have ended up in there.

RezBlock is completely organic, so it’s very Green New Deal-friendly. And by the way, this stuff is made by 420 Science, who have a ton of great cleaning products for bongs, pipes, and any other smoking device that you could possibly muck up. So be sure to check out their full selection, you filthy mess. 

Grab a bottle of RezBlock on Amazon, or directly from 420 Science.


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