Rock, rock, rock on over here and check out the Rocker Steamroller from GRAV. This super cool pipe is a curvy twist on the classic handheld glass pipe, and it loves to rock and (steam)roll.

The Rocker Pipe is built steamroller-style, with a carb at the end rather than on the side. This means when you take your finger off the hole, the air has a direct path through the chamber and out the mouthpiece – and thus, into your face. This produces nice big hits and a darn enjoyable smoking experience.

This cool pipe from GRAV is a steamroller style with a smooth rocker design.

The design of this pipe is really cool and unique. Smooth lines and curved body give the Rocker a beautiful form factor. It’s a great everyday pipe, and makes a super addition to any stash. And at less than 30 bucks, these things make incredible stocking stuffers.

So much to love about this little pipe. And check out all those colors bay bay! Lots of cool options to choose from.

This cool little rocker pipe is such a fun smoking device.

The contours of this pipe are just right. It feels great to hold in your hand, and also looks pretty snazzy just sitting on the table. So rock out with the Rocker Steamroller Pipe!


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