Wowie zowie this is very neat: a grinder with a built-in pipe that you can carry on your keychain!

The Rocket Grinder is a jack of all trades. Well maybe not all trades, but SEVERAL trades. Which ones, you ask?The Rocket Grinder is a grinder, funnel, container and one-hitter all in one.

This baby is a grinder, a funnel, a container, and a one-hitter all rolled into one very dope little stainless steel and leather-wrapped package.

With its built-in funnel, the Rocket Grinder is great for filling a vaporizer with minimum spillage. But if you’re not filling up a vaporizer, you might just wanna take advantage of the built-in one hitter!!

That’s right, the Rocket Grinder comes with its own one-hitter that lies tucked away in the center, just waiting, nay begging for you to spark it up.

Take flight with the Rocket Grinder! (I just came up with that!!!!)


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