Roll-uh-bowl is a portable, packable water pipe!

It’s a beautiful day out there and you’re sitting inside taking bingers. What you should be doing is sitting OUTSIDE taking bingers.

“But how?”, you ask incredulously. “Bongs are big, heavy, fragile objects”, you exclaim. Well take a deep breath and brace yourself cause I’m about to blow yo mind with the amazing Roll-uh-Bowl!!

It’s a foldable, portable water pipe made out of FDA approved healthcare-grade silicone. Roll-uh-Bowl packs up real nice, and the bowl and down stem fit perfectly inside the folds for secure storage while on the go.

This thing really is the ultimate hiking buddy. I heard that sherpas are taking it up Mt. Everest!! Granted, I heard that from someone who was lying, but I heard it nonetheless, and that’s worth something, right?

The amazingly portable Roll-uh-Bowl is super easy to clean and comes in blue, black, purple, green and orange. Don’t hit the road without one!


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