Roll up with rollies rolled-up. It’s a Weedgadgets bundle!!

We teamed up with our friends at to cook up this extra-special Weedgadgets-designed bundle of goodness. We call it Rollies On The Go because it contains everything you need to take the party with you, all rolled up in to one bundle.

How the heck did we do it? We started with one of the new classics, the OTTO Smart Grinder. You may have met him here on Weedgadgets.

OTTO is a robotic automatic motorized grinder and joint rolling machineOTTO is a robotic rolling machine that turns nugs into joints at the press of a button. That’s right, we live in the future now, robots roll joints!! Just load up some herb and watch OTTO transform it into the perfect cone in no time. 

And we knew you’d need a place to store your nugs before feeding them to your joint-rolling robot. So next we threw in another classic and beloved weed accessory, the CVault storage container.

We choose the medium-sized 4″ CVault for its perfect size and amazing features. Its air-tight stainless steel design comes equipped with special humidity packs that keep the chamber at a perfect relative humidity of 62%. That, along with a “tri-latch” design seals the CVault up tight, eliminating light, sealing out air and preserving moisture. 

odor resistant backpack hides smells and is great for weed smoking accessoriesThen we wrapped it all up in the awesome Revelry Escort Odor-Absorbing Backpack. This badass backpack features a high-tech anti-odor carbon filter system that uses activated charcoal and special fibers to to ensure no odors escape, plus lots of other great features like a secret inner stash pocket, laptop divider, waterproof zipper and leather trim.

Tons of cool weed stuff bundled up into one awesome kit of smoking accessories to take the party with you!And thhennn just for couple cherries on top we tossed in a matching Revelry Luggage Lock in brass and stainless steel to keep your new bundle of joy safe and secure, plus an entire pack of extra OTTO cones. Wowie zowie! (people say that, right?)

Get your roll on with this awesome bundle, all packaged up just for you, at an amazing 20% off the normal price. Robojoints for everyone!!!


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