Why not tidy up your collection of weed gadgets with this dope (and affordable!) stash box from Subtle. It has a rolling tray built right into the top!

This beautiful wooden stash is handsome, compact and versatile. It will definitely keep your smoking gear neat and organized. Well…theoretically you could create a filthy mess inside despite the box’s best effort. But you would never do that. Not after everything you and your box will have been through.

The inside of this wooden stash box can be reconfigured by adding or removing the middle divider. And the top secures shut with magnets!

That’s brains and beauty all wrapped up in one stylish stash. And for only about 25 bucks on Amazon.

This solid bamboo box is good for more than just storage. Flip the lid over and it becomes a rolling tray, complete with a groove for keeping loose herb contained! Groovy! Now go out there and make Peter Dinklage proud, grab yourself a Bamboo Stash Box from Subtle.


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