Wooden rosewood one-hitter dugout taster smoking box from RYOT
If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re one classy son of a bitch. And there’s nothing that classy sons of bitches like more than rich, exotic wood.

That’s why you, my friend, are going to want to check out this lovely Wooden Dugout One Hitter from RYOT.

The RYOT wooden dugout is a classic smoking gadget, allowing you to store ground up herb in one chamber, and a one hitter in the other. And it’s all locked in with a snazzy swivel top that opens with a flick of the thumb.

This beautiful wooden Magnetic Poker Box from RYOT really sets the standard, with its contoured pistol grip, spring-loaded pipe chamber, and powerful magnet on the top that not only holds the lid shut, but also serves to keep the metal poker locked in!

RYOT MPB Magnetic Poker Box dugout one hitter comes in multiple colors.A dugout is always super handy, and this one is handcrafted your choice of rosewood, walnut, bamboo, maple – and a bunch of other colors – will make you feel like several thousand bucks. (And if you’re looking for a dugout that’s a little more unique, don’t miss the super cool, crystal clear dugout made of see-through acrylic!)

This baby will become your go-to mobile smoking pal. Great for puffing on the go. Or on the couch for that matter. Get down with the dugout! Check it out on eBay…

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