This rotating gravity bong and hookah from Stündenglass is an incredible high end smoking device perfect for the cannabis connoisseur.

You’re gonna flip your lid for this incredible rotating gravity pipe. It’s the Stüdenglass Gravity Hookah, a total stunner of a smoking device that really packs a punch.

A reimagining of the classic gravity bong design, the Stüdenglass seriously ups the ante. It uses a pair of borosilicate glass globes that spin 360 degrees atop an aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum stand.

As the globes rotate, the resulting motion creates a cascade of water that displaces the air in one chamber and moves it to the other. Flip it one way, and it “takes a hit” from the bowl and fills the chamber with smoke. Flip it around, and it shoots that smoke right into your face. Thank you science!!

High End Gravity Bong Hookah from Stüdenglass

Not only is the Stüdenglass an incredible smoking device, ’tis a thing of beauty. Take a look at that sexy form factor, the rotating glass, and all that smokey, bubbly action from gravity at work. It’s almost as fun to look at as it is to smoke out of it. And that’s saying somethin.

You can use the Stüdenglass Gravity Hookah with the included 3′ hose for direct draws, or remove the hose altogether to use it in “contactless” mode. Oh yeah, it’s pandemic friendly baby! Just point the adjustable mouthpiece right where you need it, then flip the hookah and let gravity go to work – it cranks out such a strong, steady plume that you can literally hover in front of the mouthpiece without making contact and inhale the incoming jet stream.

Luxury gravity bong from Stündenglass is a rotating water-filled hookah for high end smoking.

An incredible piece of engineering and design, the Stüdenglass will definitely put the wow in your next pow wow. Actually it will also put the pow in your next pow wow as well. It’s equal parts wow and pow. Now that’s a recipe for fun!


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