Check out this beautiful, minimalist water pipe from Session Goods. Its simple design comes chock full of features and hits like a champ.

The beautiful design and minimalist aesthetic of the Session Goods premium bong create a cool profile that adds to the awesomeness

The Session Goods Bong sports a sexy form factor with clean lines, graceful curves, and a super-thick-booty of a bottom to accommodate a low waterline. This low waterline combined with the dynamics of the tube’s design results in easy pulls – and huge hits.

Thick borosilicate glass construction makes the Session Goods Bong extra sturdy. And a silicone footer that wraps around the bottom helps to minimize slippage, and also works to conceal the water inside.

The footer and other accessories come off for easy cleaning, and you can even swap em out for other colors! It also comes with replacement parts and a carrying case box. Do your part to bring sexy back and check out this awesome designer bong, baby!


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