Looking for a trusty new pipe? Check out this awesome designer glass bowl with a stylin silicone sleeve! It’s the Session Pipe from Session Goods, and it’s good to go.

The design of this pipe is super cool. The conical shape, clean lines and snazzy colors make this sturdy glass piece really stand out. This thoughtful design extends to the functionality, too, with two tiny nubbins to keep the Session Pipe from rolling around. And the protective cover is clutch.

This awesome smoking pipe from Session Goods is super stylish, with premium design and a protective cover.

The silicone cover not only protects your pipe for storage or transit, it also allows you to pre-load the bowl, then pack er all up and you’re set to jet! This is a great piece for camping, traveling, and general traipsing about town.

Made from hefty, tinted borosilicate glass, the designer Session Pipe with protective cover is sure to please, so hey check it out!


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