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This old style woodgrain sherlock pipe vape accepts cartridges pictured with 510 attached.

If you’ve got some sleuthing to do, a puff or two on this Sherlock style vaporizer just might help you crack the case. Or at the very least, it will make cracking the case a lot more fun. “Cracking the case” is a funny term…you ponder, after taking a puff.

Sherlock pipe that looks like a vape, held in hand with 510 cartridge attached.

This classy little vape is super easy to use. Just pop on your favorite cartridge and crank it up. It’s even got variable temperature control so you can adjust the intensity to match the mystery you’re trying to solve.

Choose Low for easy mysteries, like where did I leave my keys? The Medium setting is great for more mysterious who-done-its, like who done ate the last pizza roll?? And crank it up to High for only the most important mysteries, such as how do I get very high?

It’s the perfect synergy of past, present and future. A classic, old-man-style woodgrain pipe that works with 510-threaded cartridges. [and check this out if you’re looking for a Sherlock-style pipe vape that works with dry herb]. It’s versatile, small enough to pop in a pocket, and tons of fun.

Pipe vape equipped with USB charging ports

This pipe that looks like a vape is easy to use and easy to charge, with a built-in USB charging port.

Sherlock style old wood grain pipe vaporizer makes an awesome gift or stocking stuffer.

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