Six Chamber Magnetic Wood Pipe by PUK

Prepare yourself for fresh hits aplenty with the SIX bowls of the Six Chamber Magnetic Wood Pipe from PUK. That’s right, count ’em, one two three four fi…heck, you know how to count.

This beautiful wood disk has six entire bowls hidden beneath its stealthy surface. Six Chamber Magnetic Wood Pipe by PUKAll you have to do is rotate the top to the one you want to smoke and you’re in business. What business is that, you ask? The business of being the pimp who brought six pre-loaded bowls to the party in one elegant, sophisticated, dope-ass little wooden disk.

This thing really comes in handy. Pack it to the brim in privacy, close it up tight with the magnetic top, and you’re off. Maybe you have a bunch of different strains to try out (you lucky son of a gun)…pack one in each of the chambers and smoke and twist and smoke and twist and weeeee!

The Six Chamber Pipe from PUK is beautiful, unique, stealthy and handy. And SIX bowls!!!


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