The Six Shooter Pipe has six bowls and rotates! Cool pipe, bro.

So you’re looking for cool pipes? Guess what, cowboy…you found one! This is The Original Six Shooter Pipe. Yeah, this pipe looks cool, but that’s not all. The Six Shooter Pipe has six separate bowls that rotate!! You can fill each bowl with a different strain, or just pack it up for you and your pals and have a fresh bowl every time you pass the pipe. CLACK CLACK CLACK! I just blew your brains off with the baddest ass pipe in the whole wide internet, son! Sorry. And you’re welcome.

The Six Shooter Pipe has six bowls and rotates!

The Original Six Shooter Pipe is an awesome, heavy, metal piece of hardware machined from high quality aircraft aluminum, naval brass and stainless steel, and it comes complete with a velvet pouch and a tool. It sells for 50 bucks on Grasscity – but if that’s outside of your current gun-themed-pipe budget, don’t fret! There’s a knockoff available on Amazon (though it gets mixed reviews). 

The original six-shooter Revolver pipe has multiple bowls for lots of smoking fun.

Now go on, get to clickin – this six shooter pipe ain’t gonna buy, pack and smoke itself. CLACK CLACK CLACK!


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