Odor proof dopp kit with combination lock is a great way to keep your stash safe and discreet by concealing smells and protecting the contents.

What do you do when you’re on the go, packing up for your next trip and uh oh. Where are you gonna stash all that stanky dank?

We’ve all been there. And if we haven’t, we should go there soon. How, you ask? With the help of this snazzy Smell Proof Lockable Dopp Kit from RYOT.

This sneaky bag locks out odors and keeps your stash safe, making it a great travel bag and one discrete dopp kit.

The clever construction of this cool little Dopp kit actually features two bags in one – that’s right, a bag within a bag.

The sturdy outer bag, which provides an initial layer of protection, houses a padded inner bag that’s lined with advanced SmellSafe carbon for even more odor ousting action, and provides a cushy spot for accessories. You can even take the inner bag out and use it separately!

What’s that smell?


Not only is this travel bag smell proof, it’s also water proof. Just grab your most odiferous herb, zip it up inside this Odor Proof Dopp Kit and you’ll be ready for anything.

Smellproof lockable dopp kit makes a stylish and discreet travel bag for weed.

And for added security, you can lock the whole kit up tight with the included combination lock. It’ll keep your herb and accessories safe from prying eyes. Because, like so many other things in your Dopp kit, that ain’t nobody else’s brrizness.

So if you’ve got stuff you don’t want people seeing OR smelling – and let’s be honest who doesn’t – this sleek Smell Proof Lockable Dopp Kit might just be your new travel buddy.


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