Snow Globe Bong has a tiny glass snowman inside for fun holiday times.

We’ve all heard of Frosty the Snowman. But few know the tale of his oft forgotten cousin, Foggy the Snowbro. But without him, we would have never had this amazing Snow Globe Bong!

Foggy was jealous of Frosty’s corn cob pipe, you see. Frosty would always take the first hit, leaving Foggy with nothing but some half ashed weed. Now ol’ Frosty wasn’t trying to be a jerk. He just had other things on his mind, like the recent split with his wife, Frigid.

So Foggy decided to go off on a quest to the forest to find his own corn cob pipe. Little did Foggy know, corn doesn’t grow in the forest.

Charming Snow Globe is full featured with a percolator for diffusion and glass-on-glass joints for a quality experience.

He was feeling totally defeated. “I could really use a huge rip off that corn cob right about now,” he mumbled. Just then a puff of weed smoke appeared, and a Genie popped out of seemingly nowhere.

The smoke dissipated and it was clear that the genie had actually stepped out of a hotboxed van.

Did somebody say something about…wait…what did you say again?” the Genie asked. “I want some of what you’re smoking!” Foggy marveled. “Your wish is granted” said the Genie with a poof.

“Wait!” Foggy yelled. But it was too late, the genie’s van was already halfway across the forest.

Next thing he knew, Foggy was surrounded by a woosh of smoke. And suspended above a chamber of water! Water bubbled up around him as a showerhead-style percolator below churned out even more dank clouds. Just then, suddenly, but also very slowly, Foggy was like “Wooaahh.”

The smoke cleared and Foggy saw the glass globe around him. He realized he just got hotboxed inside a snow globe. A snow globe bong. THIS Snow Globe Bong!

So now it’s up to you, dear Weedgadgeteer, to make Foggy’s wish come true this holiday season. Get in the giving spirit! Just get this Snow Globe Bong, and smoke it. And that’s it, really.

And to all a good night!

And, uh, oh yeah....


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