What’s the best grinder you can buy? First of all, thank you for asking, I appreciate that. And second of all, you’re looking at it, pal! It’s the Space Case Grinder, and jeeze louise this thing is dope. It’s got multiple chambers: one for grindin’, one for catching’, and another that’s positioned under a fine mesh screen for catching all the crystally goodness that might fall off them nugs.

The Space Case Grinder has a fine mesh screen to catch keif kiefAnd oh what a fun day it is when you open up that bottom chamber to harvest all the fun dust outta there with the included scraper! The lid’s magnetic, the teeth are razor sharp, and it will chomp-chomp-chomp your stash with absolute ease.

Does the Space Case come from space, you ask? Well, it IS made from aluminum and titanium, just like the space shuttle. And it does have the word space in the name, so there’s another clue. I’m going to say yes, but if you need a firm answer I’d suggest checking with scientists. Either way, you want a bad ass new grinder, so go ahead and get yourself the (probably from space) Space Case! You won’t be disappointed!


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