A stealth weed smoking pipe that looks like a spark plug. Cool weed smoking accessories is my name, stealth incognito weed pipe that looks like a spark plug is my name. USA! USA!

Nothing to see here, just a regular old spark plug…that you SMOKE WEED OUT OF?!?!? That’s right, pal. This ain’t no ordinary auto part. This is a secret, stealthy pipe shaped like a spark plug, and spark it you shall.

If you wanna keep things on the hush hush, simply leave the spark plug pipe laying around your body shop and no one will be the wiser. Keep it in your pocket and if someone spots it they’ll be like, oh never mind, just a normal spark plug in homeboy’s pocket, nothing unusual at all.

Aside from being wicked incognito, this cool pipe is totally unique, fun for car/weed lovers or anyone who likes to keep their toking undercover. Check out this snazzy, stealthy spark plug pipe today – at less than 10 bucks, there’s no reason NOT to get one!

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  1. A friend of mine has one of these pipes and they work very well band I want to get one.

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