Matte black ceramic spoon pipe stands up on its own.

This cool ceramic pipe that stands up on its own. It’s the stylish Stand Up Ceramic Spoon Pipe from RYOT.

And you gotta stand up for something these days. So what exactly is it that this Stand Up Ceramic Spoon Pipe stands for?

Looking cool and smoking weed, baby! Okay, so maybe it needs to get its priorities straight. There’s so much going on in the world right now.

But then again, there IS so much going on in the world now. Maybe everyone could actually use a puff or two. And hey, who doesn’t want to look cool when they do it, right?? Sooo maybe this pipe is on to something…

Cool ceramic smoking pipe in matte black finish.

Finished in a sleek black matte, the ceramic construction of the Stand Up Ceramic Spoon Pipe is so lightweight, but it still feels thoroughly durable and sturdy in your hand. 

The bowl on this pipe is large, and the hefty chamber and stem leading to the mouthpiece can accommodate plenty of smoke, which means it can really hit hard if you ask it to. And you definitely should.

Unique ceramic pipe for smoking finished in matte black makes a great gift.

Even when it’s sitting on the table, it’s standing up, practically begging to be smoked. So no no, don’t get up. Stand up, for the Stand Up Ceramic Spoon from RYOT.


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