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This classy flask with a stealth stash makes a great stoner gift and/or drinker gift!

It’s a classy flask with a stealthy stash. Bam. Check out the Accomplice Flask from Revelry, an amazing flask with a built-in stash compartment!

Let’s get one thing set right off the bat. Anything with a built-in stash compartment is cool. Like that tiny pocket on your jeans. Or a kangaroo pouch. And I’m not just saying that because Weedgadgets is kangaroo-owned and operated.

This flask makes the perfect stealthy stash with a clever hidden compartmentBut a flask with a hidden compartment is next level. Combining two great American pastimes, the Accomplice Flask transports both your drink and your dank. 

With a 5oz reservoir alongside an inset stash compartment, bringing the party with you has never been so easy. Or swanky for that matter. And what a great stocking stuffer at less than 30 bucks.

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