This keychain pipe is tiny, cool, and makes a great gift for smoking on the go.

Tiny, Swedish, discreet…no I’m not ISO a sketchy masseuse (unless you know someone). I’m describing the super cool Piece Pipe keychain pipe!

When it’s closed, this tiny pipe just looks like a regular keychain. And you know how much we love stuff that looks like other stuff (like this vaporizer that looks like an inhaler, or this pipe that looks like a magic marker, or this ninja that looks like a bush).

This wicked informational graphic shows the Piece Pipe keychain pipe's four modes: stealth, smoke, stash and clean.This incredibly designed pipe comes in silver and brass, has air pockets that keep the mouthpiece from getting hot, and is super easy to operate.

You just click and lock the Piece Pipe into position to enable one of its many modes: stealth mode, for odor-free storage; smoke mode, for puffy puffy; stash mode, for storing whatever you might like to store in there wink wink; and finally, fully unclick it to enable the handy clean mode.

Not only does this cool little pipe look super stealthy, it also has a clever click/close/extinguish mechanism for even more discreet, fun times…and there I go with the erotic masseuse thing again, will I never learn??