There’s never a bad time for a cool new pipe. And that not ever bad time is right now.

So check out The Super Shaka, a beautifully crafted brass steamroller pipe that might just become your go-to weed smoking gadget.

Super Shaka brass steamroller smoking pipe as compared to the original Proto Pipe

Super Shaka vs Original Proto Pipe

If The Super Shaka looks familiar, you may be remembering the classic Proto Pipe brass pipe. Consider the Super Shaka an (awesome) update of that beloved smoking gadget. It’s 30% bigger, has a dope logo on the lid, and packs in plenty of cool and convenient features that are sure to make this pipe a must-have in your beach bag, festival pouch, concert fannypack, symphony pocketbook…the list goes on.

This snazzy steamroller features a masterfully machined stash tube that cleverly locks onto the bowl, along with an adjustable cover that you can tighten, loosen, or remove for cleaning with the included hex wrench. 

The Super Shaka is the perfect update to the classic brass proto pipeIn addition to the classic Super Shaka, if you want a really hard core hitter, don’t miss the Double Barrel Shaka, featuring TWO bowls for twice the nice.

Now go pick yourself up some bad ass brass – you can even buy em on Amazon! 


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