Rubber ashtray for weed smoking accessories has a mound for tapping glass pipes

Not only is this revolutionary rubber ashtray amazing, it’s name is straight up gangsta, yall. Meet Tap Dat Ash.

This rubber ashtray was created specifically for use with glass smoking accessories. It features a soft, rubbery mound* in the center for safely tapping out ash without the risk of breaking your favorite glass pipes! It even has an array of special slots and holes** for storing accessories and rolling papers. 

This tappable rubber ashtray is so advanced, the astronauts used it to smoke weed in space!!! Not really. But they should have. Get NASA on the phone, stat. And also, get a tappable rubber ashtray and start tappa tappa tappin dat ash, yo! Check it out on Amazon!

*hehe, soft rubbery mound
**hehe, slots and holes


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