Tera Dry Herb Vaporizer is considered one of the very best on the market.

If you’re hunting for a hard-hitting dry herb vaporizer, this little beast is about as good as it gets. And it gets good. It’s the Tera v3, and it likes to party.

This portable vape specializes in delivering incredible flavor while still cranking out huge clouds.

A full-convection heating element lets you dial in the perfect temperature. Then heated air flows into the ceramic and stainless steel chamber, bringing it to temp in about 20-30 seconds. And it all takes place within a fully isolated airway path, ensuring that your experience is frankly, frikin full of fluffy flavor.

The best dry-herb vape has got to be the Tera v3, an premium smoking device.

And it’s that same precision technology that makes this gadget great for micro-dosing, too. The Tera v3 doesn’t “cook” your herb, meaning bowls stay tasty hit after hit. And it cleverly cools down in between draws, so you can come back to an unfinished bowl throughout the day.

And you definitely will want to hold it all day. The solid construction feels great in your hand, and curvy contours conform to your palm perfectly. 

The Tera v3 dry herb convection vaporizer can be used as a water-pipe adapter to turn a bong into a filtered vape!It’s not the tiniest vape in the world, but it’s still quite portable. And the battery lasts long enough for even the stoniest of field trips and group seshes with friends.

The Tera also kicks ass as an attachment to your water pipe! Yeah, you can pop this thing onto a bong and create a kick-ass, water-filtered, dry herb vape-a-thon of tasty terpenes in no time.

And did I mention it can work with concentrates? No? How about now?

Wowie this thing checks a lot a boxes. Dry herb cloud-generator, micro-doser’s dream, waterpipe pal, taste maker, heart breaker, booty shaker. And so on.

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