This is the Terminator Radiation Beaker Tube from Red Eye Tek, and it’s ready to blow your brains off now.

Despite its imposing name, the first thing you’ll probably notice about the Terminator Radiation Beaker is how frikin sexy it is. An amazing amount of design and craftsmanship goes into making these bad boys.

Solid glass joints running up and down the tube create a chunky glass spine that’s incredibly cool and a lot of fun to hold. And it also adds dimensional structure that makes this Terminator stronger than a T-1000’s carbon-based mimetic polyalloy endoskeleton.

This premium glass smoking pipe has an incredible iridescent finish and stunning design features.It’s a kick ass bong that you could actually use to kick someone’s ass. Which you should not do, as it may very well void the warranty. 

But one of the coolest things about this piece is the finish. The glass on this iridescent beaker bong has a proprietary metallic finish that produces a stunning multi-color effect that you really have to see to appreciate.

And in addition to being gorgeous, it’s also tricked out with advanced technical features that make it a shoo-in for the Skynet gift shop.

It’s a super solid, super sexy iridescent Terminator, and it’s coming for you one way or another. So grab one today and smoke it, before it smokes you.


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