Before we begin, here is a very, very serious question-poem for you: have you ever been out tokin’ when you had to do some pokin’ cause the herb that you’d been smokin’ clogged the hole that you’d been stokin? WE BE RHYMIN!!

For real tho, if you’re smoking, you’re probably gonna to need to do some poking…and tamping, and setting things on fire. The Toker Poker does all that and more.

The Toker Poker is a lighter case with a built-in retractable poker, plus a metal tamper on the bottom corner that’s perfect for loading bowls or putting them out. The poker and tamper are both made of stainless steel.

The Toker Poker can also hold up to five feet of hemp wick if you prefer your flame on the au natural tip.

Here’s another tip – the poker doubles as an impromptu dabber. So yeah, load it up with a Bic and it’s a poker, dabber, tamper, hemp wick and lighter all rolled up into one super portable tool.

Pick up the Toker Poker Lighter Case in black, and a ton of other cool colors. And tokey dokey pokey, you can get ’em all on Amazon!!



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