Ceramic bong with matte black glazed finish and cork accents.

Check out the this beautiful matte black ceramic bong. It’s the Traveler Ceramic Water Pipe , the latest from RYOT, makers of classic cannabis gear, like their famous wooden dugout kit.

This smoking device is sleek, smooth, and definitely pulls above its weight. Made from natural materials, this ceramic piece makes a great addition to any stash. We thought it might seem like a special occasion piece, but we soon found that it can quite comfortably settle into a regular rotation.

The bowl on this ceramic bong is a two piece assembly with a ceramic and glass bowl fitted into a glass slide with aeration slits.

A finish of black ceramic glaze coats the entire body of the bong, creating a smooth surface that looks sleek and understated – but also elevated. With nicely proportioned angles and eased edges, it looks modern but still maintains a classic timelessness.

Heavy ceramic walls and a chunky construction make Traveler Ceramic Water Pipe feel significant in your hand. We found it very nice to hold. Both the weight and the smooth finish make it a pleasure to pick up and pass around.

The rounded top and thick edges create a very comfortable mouthpiece, and add to the softness of the overall look and feel. And we really didn’t experience any splash back. The design and the functionality seem to work well together to provide a nice smoking experience.

The bottom of the Traveler Ceramic Bong sports a thick base of cork with a gentle taper, complements the geometric lines of the bong itself, finishing off the look perfectly. And it’s got a removable cork lid, which is really nice to be able to cover it up when not in use, especially if you like to leave it “out”. Which you most certainly will want to do.

Ceramic bong water pipe in black with natural cork base being operated by hand holding a bowl.

The cork bottom doubles as a coaster, so if you put ice in it like we did, it will protect the surface you set it on. Which is an awesome feature – but we did discover that there was a limit to how much condensation the cork base could absorb, so just something to keep in mind.

The bowl itself is made of black matte ceramic as well, though it appears to be unglazed. It’s got plenty of room in there to pack in plenty of dry herb. And the somewhat oversized outlet that accepts the stem competes the aesthetic, making this piece feel truly substantive.

By the way, if you like the black ceramic look of this bong but prefer smoking out of a pipe, a great option is RYOT’s Stand Up Ceramic Pipe.


This cool ceramic pipe that stands up on its own. It’s the stylish Stand Up Ceramic Spoon Pipe from RYOT. And …

It’s also got a generous water chamber, equipping it with the ability to churn out some seriously significant hits if you want it to. But even though it can crank out the clouds, this stealthy operator is just as happy delivering more reasonable puffs.

Either way, we found this ceramic bong really nice to smoke out of. We put it to the test, and it did not disappoint. In fact it kind of surprised us how hefty the hits could be. And with plenty of room in the water chamber for a handful of ice cubes, this ceramic bong knows how to party.

It looks great sitting out, or being passed around, chilling next to a bottle of wine, or hanging in the yard. It’s the Traveler Ceramic Water Pipe, check er out!


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