This is the “Triple Flip” Magnetic Rolling Tray from RAW, and honestly, this tri-tray be cray-cray.

The amazing Triple Flip starts off as a beautiful looking bamboo box. But then, close your eyes and make a wish (while simultaneously opening the magnetic top) and POOF! It expands to become the grand daddy of rolling trays. Well maybe not the grand daddy. But a very cool great uncle, who looks great for his age btw. It seems we’ve veered off topic.

Simply pop the sections apart and snap them back together and the fully assembled “Triple Flip” rolling tray reveals itself. Once unfurled it’s about 10″x16″. But through the magic of magnets you can explore eight different configurations!

It’s got a ton of spots for all your weed gadgets, tools and bud, including a space for a grinder, papers and a built-in ashtray.

This is a really fun, functional and classy way to organize all your smoking accessories. Get one for yourself and you’ll feel like a gall darn king every time you slide this baby out. Not to mention the friends you’ll impress (or make anew thanks to your sexy AF rolling tray… wow this thing really delivers). And what an awesome stoner gift, yes please.

You can pick one up at 420 Science or grab er on Amazon!


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