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Get ready to explode out of quarantine. How you ask? I’m glad you asked. With the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.

The Volcano is the absolute granddaddy of vaporizers. The Volcano Hybrid is that granddaddy’s mac daddy. It’s pimped out with the latest innovations, developed over many years of design and product iteration. Wicked fast heat up times, improved airflow, and a redesigned app that gives you total control right from your phone, to name a few.

An absolute classic weed gadget, the Volcano Hybrid is a must-have vaporizer for weed aficionados.This paragon of weed engineering delivers top-shelf flavor production, and comes equipped with a dual-inhalation system, enabling you to use the forever-classic Volcano balloon bag, or traditional whip delivery system.

An advanced convection heating system uses indirect heat to extract every last essential flavor from your dry herb, totally without combustion. One of the absolute best vaporizers on planet earth, the Volcano Hybrid will not disappoint.

Settle in and saddle up to some incredibly smooth, tasty hits from the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.

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