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The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer is highly rated as one of the top vaporizersAt first glance, the Volcano Plenty Vaporizer sorta seems like something you might hook up to your car. But no. You hook it up to your face.

That’s right, just plug the Volcano Plenty portable vaporizer into your smoke hole, crank up the double helix heat exchanger and buckle up for the smoothest ride of your life.

You can adjust the Volcano Plenty Vaporizer manually anywhere from 130°C (266°F) to 202°C (395°F). And don’t worry about it getting too toasty, the Volcano Plenty‘s got ya covered with an auto-shutoff feature.
The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer is an amazing powerful handheld vaporizer
The Plenty has a huge chamber for nice, smooth, substantial hits. It’s also got a stainless steel cooling coil that keeps puffing pleasant, while a bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation. What is a bi-metallic regulator? According to my sources, it’s a science thing that makes smoking weed better. So that is VERY cool.

For smooth hits aplenty, be sure to check out the Volcano Plenty Portable Vaporizer.

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