The awesomeness of a vaporizer plus the smooooth comfy hits of water-filtered smoke all rolled up into one? Yeah, somebody rolled those up. They put em into one. And out popped the Hydrology 9 Portable Water Filtered Vaporizer.

A water filtered portable vaporizer!! The Hydrology9 vaporizer combines water filtration with vaporization for portable, convenient, and efficient smoking.A portable vaporizer with water filtration! How did they do it?? With an airtight, leak-proof “tunnel tube” system. No matter which way you tilt the Hydrology9, a valve in the mouthpiece keeps it from spilling.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of technology that goes into this baby. Technology that takes each hit passing though Hydrology 9‘s advanced water filtration system and transforms it into a smooth, dense, powerful rip.

Not to mention ooh la la this thing is gorgeous. Aluminum body, borosilicate glass mouthpiece, porcelain chamber. That’s luxury, dog.

Get some moist vapor in your life. (<<<-these are words to live by)

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