There’s a mystery afoot. The details are a bit hazy, you see. For now let’s call it “The Case Of The Dry Herb Vaporizer That Looks Like A Sherlock Holmes Pipe”. Too wordy? We’re still workshopping it. But you get the point – it’s a Sherlock vape for dry herb!

Now whip out your magnifying glass and check this out. This vape is so cool.

This cool pipe is a Sherlock style vaporizer for dry herb smokingThe Holmes Sherlock Vaporizer Pipe specializes in vaping dry herbs. Sherlock Holmes himself was thought to puff on this very vaporizer while solving his most challenging mysteries. He especially loved the convenient USB charging, adjustable temperature control and the “dope” OLED Screen.

This cool Sherlock Vaporizer pipe has a removable mouthpiece and comes in Natural Wood Grain and Black.

Click below to check it out, you could be puffing on your very own Sherlockian vaporizer quicker than you can stroke your imaginary chin-beard.


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